Kingdom Rest #7 - A gift from the Lord

In fall 2010, T---- enrolled in The Ohio State University to get her bachelor's degree in Sociology. She was determined to do a good job! She wrote down every assignment from her syllabi into her calendar. She was diligently attending every class, thoroughly reviewing her notes before each test, and keeping up in the reading assignments.

Kingdom Feast #6 - Wonder bread of the wilderness

Several years ago, God put in me a curiosity about Judaism. At first, it started with reading books about their history. Some time later, I decided to visit Beth Messiah, the local Messianic Jewish congregation. I have to admit, I was scared. What if they were some kind of strange cult? And, why did they meet on a Saturday? Church is on Sunday, right?

Kingdom Celebration #5 - Wowsers! Go Gadget go

One of the most influential cartoons of my early childhood was Inspector Gadget. He was a clumsy, dim-witted detective with an endless supply of gadgets that came out of his trench coat. At the beginning of each episode, Gadget was given a mission to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Claw.

Kingdom Demonstration #4 - The one-two punch

It was June 1985. Japan unleashed an invention on the United States that would change the lives of all Americans... forever. It was NINTENDO!!! It was like a gift from above. One of my favorite games to play was Mike Tyson's Punch Out. The main character, Little Mac, was a rookie boxer that had to climb his way up the ranks of the boxing association. He had to defeat 10 boxers that were increasingly more challenging until he could fight Mike Tyson, the reigning champion.

Kingdom Proclamation #3 - Me and my big mouth

We recently had our bathroom remodeled. Just prior to construction, I was fortunate to run into a building contractor who was a friend-of-a-friend and he helped me with questions I had about flooring. He made a very generous offer, “Swing by the XYZ flooring company and tell them you're working with me. They'll give you the contractor rate... which is a 40% discount.” WOW! In order to get the deal, I just need to come to the store bearing his name.

Kingdom Meditation #2 - HELLO! My name is...

We've all worn those red “HELLO” stickers at a party. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those dorky stickers. I'm the guy at the party that can’t remember a name to save my life. If I don't have those stickers, I will frequently whisper to the person next to me, “What’s that guy's name again?” How embarrassing it is to forget a name!

Children Hearing God's Voice

Becky Fischer suggests that there are three essential things in our walk with God: 1. Salvation. 2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 3. Hearing God's Voice. In order to do anything effective for the Kingdom, you need to know how to ...

Practical Guidelines in Leading Children into the Baptism

This chapter is devoted to Becky Fischer's praxis for leading children into the baptism of the Holy Spirit (speaking in tongues). She shares the methods that have been most helpful and even shares methods that have backfired...

Children and the Holy Spirit

holy_spirit_skyBook: Redefining Children's Ministry in the 21st Century
Author: Becky Fischer
Chapter 9: Children & the Holy Spirit

Premise of the Book: We have a crisis in the modern and postmodern church concerning ministry to children.

Musicians & Children's Ministry

Becky has facilitated worship times during Children's Church that have been very powerful. When children have been taught how to worship and why we do it, it's not uncommon to see children get lost in the presence of God. When we show them the meaning behind certain physical positions, such as kneeling or bowing, waving flags, dancing, and raising our hands, worship becomes a prophetic ...

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